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Christmas snowflake
JW Goossen Xmas Letter 1995

Greetings from us and ours - to you and yours,

Another year, another house, another member of the family. Relax it's not what you think. Joan's safe and since we finally cleared the diaper stage and quickly got rid of our baby stuff, we thought we'd get a dog. No point trying to catch our breath or anything.

We moved this year at the end of July. Out to the charming fishing and farming village of Ladner, which is part of the southern 'burb of Vancouver called Delta. We thought we needed and now have more space inside and out. Getting to work for me is anywhere from 15-30 minutes depending on the traffic. We're getting used to things but it'll take a while to get fully settled.

After nine months of trying we finally sold out house in July and then had to vacate within 2 and a half weeks. During this sam period I had a business trip to Nawlins and Joan joined me for a few days at the end of it. We had a good time, taking in Burboun St, blues clubs, sightseeing, etc. Went to the House of Blues for a nice gospel brunch .Once we got back we had 6 days to move and pack. Had the moving truck booked for Friday, took Thursday off to help pack and the truck shows up Thursday morning. So we went for it. Got is all done somehow.

Since we missed out usual Oliver holiday, we went at the end of August. Campsite was empty but we had a good family time. Even went horseback riding, horseback sitting for some. Took the long way home via Merritt, Lilloet and Perberton. Spent the weekend in Whistler with friends.

Big changes in the fall as the kids all started a new school. Things seem to be going all right. We're comfortable with the house and yard but it'll take a while before it feels totally like home. No plans to move back, or anywhere for that matter.

Our dog came with the name Suzie and unlike Johnny Cash, she's a she. Let's see, that makes the odds 7 to 1. We have a major testosterone deficiency here. Suzie is 5-6 years old and came with her own house, food, leash and water bowl. Here parents were left homeless and couldn't take her with them. It's only been two weeks but she's fitting in quite well. What type of dog is she? Well, she's medium size, brown and white, and three parts dog - we're just not sure which three dogs. She currently functions as our exercise machine, ensuring at least someone has a daily walk. This dog thinks she's special, but then I guess I would too if someone walked behind me and saved my waste in a bag.

Joan and I also managed to get in a 10 day trip to Australia, courtesy of the Grandma and Oma Tag Team Babysitting Duo. Spent some time at Surfer's Paradise and a couple of days in Sidney. Oh yeah, also attended a conference and tried to sell some of our software.

Note: This letter appears to be incomplete. It's all I could find on my computer. If you have the complete one, please let me know.

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